cass-3-200x300Now do not think you can get away with telling me you did the assignment, sissy. Selfie photos are necessary in the day of smart phones.

Discussions of tasks done for Mistress need proof. If we have discussed during a call that you would love to prove yourself with you out on the street slutting yourself out,  photos of you with a dick in your mouth, photos of you in a bar photoed by some guy you have picked up, and photos of you shopping for women’s clothes en femme with racks of clothes and shoppers in the background. This is what I am talking about, sissy.

I have had sissy felicia do it, and so can you. She has gone as far as a selfie with her mouth sucking a cock, walking into an adult book store, and walking into Home Depot early in the morning to find contractors who need a send off to work.

All assignments are done in public, so there will not be any danger. You simply have to do it and prove it to your Mistress. Sissy can start a Tumblr page for proof, sissy can email me with the photos.

Sissy needs to be enfemme in the sluttiest of clothes and the highest of fuck me pumps. Sissy makes sure her smart phone is charged up and a bonus would be a video of sissy sucking cock self. Get to work to earn the sissy orgasm. To enhance the session, sissy is best in a pink chastity device!

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