I have been teasing you each night. I make you lie on the bed and stroke to the sound of my voice. I seduce you right to the edge, then push you back down hard. I taunt and tease you manly-hood. I poke and prod each sensitive part of your being. Stripping you of you confidence and making you less of a man. I tell you how pathetic you are everyday. It’s an intoxicating mixture of sexual humiliation and degradation slowly reducing you to a pathetic wreck.

Cry and Touch Yourself, Loser

I hear you crying in the bathroom, while you stroke your wiener. I bring real men home and fuck them in our bed. When you call me at work, the secretary tells you I am already out. You know exactly what is going on, cuck.

I make you wear panties to bed and cuddle with a teddy bear. I giggle and laugh when I take pictures of you. I used those pictures to publicly humiliate in front of all our friends.

Your First Time

Now it’s time for a little game. Close your eyes and remember what it felt like the first time you had a girl look at you. Think back to before everyone knew what a pathetic pin dick you are. You were so excited you were hard as a rock in your pants. She ignored the fact that you couldn’t kiss, hoping you’d make up for it in other areas. She pressed herself up against you, but you stepped back quickly. You felt as if you might explode before you even got it out. She thought you were playing hard to get.

Sexual Humiliation

You struggled while she teasingly stripped off each sexy layer. You even had to cross your legs and squeeze them together to keep from cumming. When that last layer dropped to the floor, it was almost painful to watch you pathetically squirm.  You hurriedly stripped off your shirt as she turned off the lights. Your belt buckle and pants hit the floor and you kicked off your shoes. You pulled down your tighty whites thankful for the darkness. She spread her legs in anticipation a real man entering her.

There’s The Money Shot

At the moment when those tighty whites were around your ankles and your stiff baby wiener was touching her entrance, someone turned on the lights.  There you were your pathetic pecker out for everyone to see. Your cheeks got so red, you thought you would cry. The little thing was so stiff, you couldn’t help it. The worthless tiny thing dribbled cum, as you moaned loudly in orgasm, while everyone stared and laughed. The girl you came on stood up and had some words to say. Click below to here it.

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