Hello Humiliation Boot Camp Sluts.  You are definitely a pathetic whore who craves my attention yet again.  You must do something very embarrassing to entertain me today.

You will do today’s assignment in your bathroom.  I want you to purchase some heated muscle rub like icy hot or bengay.  If you already have some then all the better.  This is your lubricant.  You also are required to have a toilet bowl brush.  If you don’t have a toilet bowl brush then buy one for this assignment dumb ass.  Guess what you will be doing with it!  Also bring a watch or something to keep track of time while you are in there.  Print these instructions and take them with you if necessary.  I know what a dumb ass you are.

Now, go into your bathroom slut once you have all of the necessary items.  Strip down naked and get on your knees now slut.  Take the muscle rub and use it as lubricant on the handle of the toilet bowl brush.  You are going to be sticking it up your ass.  Ram the handle of the brush up your rear hard.  Leave it in there.  Use it on yourself for 15 minutes.  Fuck yourself with it hard for the entire 15 minutes.  No stroking allowed!

Next, lift up the toilet bowl seat.  Start to hump Mr. Potty.  Hump Mr. Potty hard.  Talk dirty to the potty.

I order you to say, “I love fucking you Mr. Potty.  I love you.  You’re a great piece of ass.  Thank you for letting me hump you Mr. Potty.  You’re the only piece I can get.”

Every time you get close to cumming I want you to slam the lid of the toilet bowl hard on your cock 10 times.

Then start to hump it again.  You will keep humping Mr. Potty for 30 minutes.

Now that you are done kiss Mr. Potty and think him.  That’s a good slut.

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