So you think you have what it takes, do you?  You’ve gone out and done your research, hung out in chat rooms and fantasized about what it might be like.  I bet you’ve even done a call or two with a phone sex Mistress about it.  But now you’ve met me … and I’m not nearly so kind as some of the others.
I’m the Mistress who will press you right up against what you think you can do and push just a little beyond.  I’m not one to coddle you, so if you are looking for someone gentle, allow me to dispel that rumour now.  If you’re going to live up to the title of “Sissy” for me, you’re going to prove yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt … and then some.
First, if you think you’re going to prove yourself, you have to dress the part.   And no, I’m not talking about going into your wife’s drawers and putting on a pair of her panties.  This is so much more … you’re going to go out and buy a pair of your own.  Yes, you heard me right … you have to buy your own panties today.   I’m not interested in hearing your excuses … nor do I care about your whining.  Gather up your courage, you’re going to buy yourself a pair of big girl panties today.
I want you to put on a pair of khaki pants … preferably something a little snug.  And don’t even think about putting on a long sweater … I want to show off that cute little ass of yours.  Now, take yourself to the mall … yes, the mall.  No hiding out in any of the big box stores like Wally World today.  We’re going to buy something very specific … no hiding the panties in with a purchase of wrenches and colouring books to make it seem less purposeful.  Once you are in the mall, I want you to go to Lane Bryant or Cachique.  No Vickie’s for you … again, too many men go in there to buy panties for their girlfriends … this is about YOU, Princess!
Go to the panties section and browse around a bit … look for something in a jewel tone, like sapphire blue or garnet.  You should be PROUD of yourself as a sissy and wear bold colours instead of being like a shrinking violet and suffering through with cotton candy pink.  You should stick with something like a French cut or a boyshort … at this point, I think a thong might be too much for you to handle.  But the ultimate decision is yours … pick ONE pair of panties out that you like and bring them to the register.
Now check to see what’s next …

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