Hello, loser stroke slut!  Back for more punishment, I see.  Some sluts just never learn, do they? Well, I have a very special assignment for you today, slut boy.  First, you are to get a nice thick handful of Icy Hot or Ben Gay… or other type of muscle rub.  And we’re going to be rubbing a muscle today, aren’t we? ::giggle::  Next, you are to get a plastic comb.  The longer the better!  Now that you have your materials, strip down completely naked and slather that dick up with the muscle rub.  Mmmmmm… feel that nice cool burn? Oh yeah, nothing quite like a little menthol on your cock to get the blood flowing! ::giggle::  Now, start stroking that cock, nice and steady, get a good brisk pace going. Very good… now, I want you to take that comb and hold it in your right hand at the end, then with your left hand, I want you to pull the other end back, position it over your balls, and then let go, so that the comb smacks hard on your nut sack.  Mmmmm… do you hear that sound when the plastic hits your flesh? God I love that sound… gets my pussy nice and wet!!  Now smack that nut sack again for me.  Mmmmm… that sounds so good I want you to do it 10 more times, for a total of a dozen.  Ahhh yes, that’s just how I like it! Now, I want you to do 4 sets of drills… stroke that dick for 3 minutes, then a dozen smacks on the balls with the comb.  After you complete those drills, click here to find out what comes next!

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