If you don’t have a crossdressing fetish than move on. This post is for pathetic panty waists that need more outing.
First I order you to buy a cheerleader outfit wherever you can. Usually the thrift stores carry the real deal. The outfits bought online that cater to faggy pants bois have some nice outfits, but I find the real uniforms look best. They are quality, and I want you to find blue and gold colors.
Find a blond wig with pig tails and bangs, some flesh toned panty hose sheer to waist, a pair of blue cotton socks, and some girlie athletic shoes with lots of pink and blue. Over the panty hose , a pair of pink rhumba panties, and of course you will need a pink bra with the breast forms I know you own.
Your make up must be slutty with lots of black eyeliner, blue shimmer eyeshadow, and bubblegum pink lipstick with generous amounts of lipgloss.
It’s time for your performance at the mall. Imagine in your sick little sissy brain , being on a cat walk. You are a top model modeling the new cheerleader fashion. This is how you will walk. You will walk in each and every girlie store you pass sampling perfume, looking at clothes, shoes and lingerie. You will make small humiliating purchases; stockings, panties, accessories, makeup, small things all tucked into a Victoria’s Secret pink shopping bag. Finally you make it to the food court where you will sit at a table in front of some bitchy teenaged mall rats. There you will examine all of your girlie purchases while waiting for the busts of laughter, whispering, and pointing.

For crossdressing humiliation with Ms. Cassandra call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+

Calls are $1.99 per minute