You will now be addressed as private Little John. The first and last word spoken from your mouth will be Mistress. You will learn that the deadliest weapon in the world is a thumb and an index finger that has not been exercised properly. You must use hidden talents to survive. You will use my guidance as a tool. Your small little tater tot will be your downfall. If you are not strong willed, you will never be able to please a woman. You will be made to accept the fact that what is between your legs is not worthy of much.

This assignment is not for the microscopic penis in hand scaredy cats that think they can cruise along in life wearing a small penis and a smile. I know that it makes you cum when a woman points and laughs at you. You must learn how to do more to amuse beautiful vixens. You need to learn how to beg and plead for the opportunity to earn female attention. Stop trying to use those penis pumps because when your done trying to inflate yourself, you look silly standing there with the same size you started with.. Maybe if you sell tickets to see your side show freakishly teeny penis, you’d have enough money for a real medical procedure.

There is no retreating private Little John. I am putting you out on the front line. Click on the banner below if you’re ready to enlist.

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