This post is for all fat assed boys who can’t see their dicks when they look down. Im pretty sure that dick isnt big enough to view over those big fat bellies anyways. So here’s My assignment for you. Just in the wake of summer as well. Buy a neck to toe rubber cat suit in your plus size. Be sure it zips because it’s no easy task sliding into that. Fat boys like you sweat like pigs, so powder it up and get in quick. While youre at it get a rubber pig mask, because that is what you are. A pig with a peanut dick. You are ordered to wear this cat suit for a full 24 hours. Your say no sweat…haha, youre not getting off so easy. Go to your favorite neighborhood restaurant and have some dinner and drinks. I hope there is a slot to eat in that pig mask, otherwise you have to take it off, showing your sweaty ugly fat old face. Be sure to buy some high heels for foot wear too. With these heels, you will be sure to be walking home slow. Use the crosswalks and savor the beeping horns, sneers, and whistles. Just think of what a relief it will be to get out of that suit, and all of that water weight you will shed. You should thank Me for that, piggy. And dont throw that suit away. We will use it again when I say. Good luck on your diet, bitch!

For humiliation sessions with Ms Cassandra call 800-601-6975