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Ms Olivia humiliates you

All of your comments on My blog lets this Experienced Mistress ‘know’ you. And, the more I know, the more wicked I can be with you. I’ve done a series of recent blog posts about submission and that has Me thinking about the roller coaster ride of erotic humiliation. Let’s take that right together. . . . → Read More: Ms Olivia humiliates you

What is Erotic Humiliation?

Erotic humiliation serves an important purpose in sexual domination and control games. By breaking down a submissive’s ego, what’s left in place is a blank page ready to be filled with the desires of the dominant. It leaves the submissive open to new suggestions, new boundaries and new experiences. So the variety of techniques . . . → Read More: What is Erotic Humiliation?

Ms Courtney’s really fun humiliation assignment

I have a really fun humiliation assignment for you. This is for you fellas that have enough mad money to afford a real – time Mistress, a couple of calls with me, and, are into erotic humiliation. If you fit all of these categories, read on! First of all, you will need to set . . . → Read More: Ms Courtney’s really fun humiliation assignment

A Humiliation Assignment from Ms. Morgan

When you are drawn to a blog such as this you are most definitely the type of man that enables me to become a creature that is both cruel and degrading. After all, I am a femdom. This phone sex Mistress will turn your life upside down. So many wanton games to play and . . . → Read More: A Humiliation Assignment from Ms. Morgan