Erotic humiliation serves an important purpose in sexual domination and control games. By breaking down a submissive’s ego, what’s left in place is a blank page ready to be filled with the desires of the dominant. It leaves the submissive open to new suggestions, new boundaries and new experiences. So the variety of techniques used often include performance based humiliation, verbal humiliation and humiliation by changing the typical appearance of said submissive. He feels vulnerable, exposed and lacks the power to object.

Erotic Humiliation by Appearance Change

By ridding the submissive of his life uniform, his humiliation Mistress leaves exposed in new ways opening him to new experiences. Such things might include CFNM humiliation, coerced feminization or even silly outfits that don’t fit or that fit too well. When a male submissive is out of his element, he seeks guidance from his humiliatrix and opens himself up to complete control and use. If such a change is done in a room full of women or even other men, it further intensifies the erotic humiliation experience.

Verbal Erotic Humiliation

The power of the spoken word is felt after the mark of the stoutest whip has gone. Think of remembered pain and ecstasy… you’ll remember words and not physical things. So when an insult hits you, it strips away your veil much more quickly than a lash, the pain goes deeper… but fills the erotic humiliation aficionado with a kind of longing for more. The right derogatory word at the right time leaves you wanting more and feeling the powerful rush of submission that erotic verbal humiliation is famous for.

Performance Based Erotic Humiliation

Erotic humiliation often is defined by making private acts public, exhibitionism and self exposure. In this context, public humiliation might require the male submissive to take his female persona out on the town… or to masturbate or be nude in a public place. While such acts are dangerous, for the male who fetishizes exposure, public humiliation is the ultimate thrill. Perhaps he longs to be ‘caught’.

What Can Erotic humiliation Do for You?

To a male who’s used to power and privilege, life often feels unbalanced. He knows deep down he’s not worthy of all the accolades given. Inside he knows for better or worse, he’s just like everyone else, perhaps even smaller, less worthy. Erotic humiliation and power exchange create a new world where the male submissive can explore “what if?”. Are you ready to take a journey of erotic humiliation exploration? Wonderful… listen to the audio below to find out how to take that first step.


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