All of your comments on My blog lets this Experienced Mistress ‘know’ you. And, the more I know, the more wicked I can be with you. I’ve done a series of recent blog posts about submission and that has Me thinking about the roller coaster ride of erotic humiliation. Let’s take that right together. Me, you and ~points~ that small penis of yours.

Come here pet. Come to Mistress. You know you wouldn’t be here on this site if you didn’t want it, need it, yearn for it. ~laughs~ And, I know what IT is. ~nods~ There it is! It’s that feeling that you just felt. The feeling of ohhhhhhh noooooooo coupled with ohhhhhhhh yesssssss. That feeling that made your dick hard.

Did you dick get hard?

Really? It DID?

Woah, when I said your small penis would come along for the ride, I thought it was just kind of small. ~laughs~ I didn’t think it would be so small I couldn’t even SEE your erection in your pants.

Hmmmmm…….but maybe it’s the style of the pants or maybe even something else. ~laughs~ Maybe you’re not FULLY aroused, maybe not fully erect. Maybe you just need a little HELP getting to your ‘real man’ place. I mean, you actually ARE a man, right? Oh sure you are… LOOK like a man. I mean at least with your clothes on. Oh! Maybe I should do a reality check to see what you look like with your clothes OFF.

Take your clothes OFF. Stand in front of a mirror and listen to My voice.

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