When you are drawn to a blog such as this you are most definitely the type of man that enables me to become a creature that is both cruel and degrading. After all, I am a femdom. This phone sex Mistress will turn your life upside down. So many wanton games to play and so little time when you really think about it. Your mind swirls with giving up all control to a Goddess like myself and your cock stirs in anticipation of all the humiliating sex acts and tasks I am about to have you embark on. Understand this and only this, my pet: I am going to take you down to the core of your lust and strip you of all the fears surrounding them and all the while you will be thanking me, your newest Mistress.

Which type of humiliation slut are you?

Perhaps you enjoy being talked to in public like the slut you are or maybe your perversion lies in the fact that I make you do unspeakable things to me and for me before I even allow you to leave your house daily. Do you crave being exposed to me and all my girlfriends in nothing more than my very worn panties while they all giggle and call you names? Maybe it’s that ass of yours that needs filling, as I insert your toy before we go out to eat and I degrade you in front of the tall handsome waiter. If you are foot slut or ass worshipper I have a special place in my heart for you and I will use all your weaknesses to exploit you as you grovel to taste and clean me like the whore you are.

Your first assignment:

I actually have an assignment for you right now slut. It’s your lucky day because you have finally found me and your destiny awaits you. Get undressed and look at that pathetic excuse for a cock and balls. I am going to control your cock. Go ahead and spit on it and stoke it for me and I want it very hard and throbbing. Now look at my photos while you have that dirty meat in your hand and imagine what I would be doing to you if I were there with you at this very moment. Stroke, whore. Bring yourself to the edge and then back down. That pleases me ever so very much slave, to the point that if you are a good boy I may even let you hear me touch myself! I told you it was may be your lucky day and what better treat for a whore like you than to hear me moan.

Welcome to Mistress Morgan’s world of humiliation.

I am younger than many Mistresses, but started toying with pathetic fuck toys like you at tender age. Men can not resist me for a multitude of reasons and you, my stoker boy, are no different. I have put quite a few
men in their place in my time and am skilled in many avenues of kink and perversion, with you being my newest subject. Firm body, open mind, and a genuine zeal for what I do make me the perfect Mistress to take you over
the edge and beyond. When you call to have live phone sex with me be ready and totally willing to please me and in doing so I will guide you to the place that lurks deep within you, the venue of your new life.

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