I have a really fun humiliation assignment for you. This is for you fellas that have enough mad money to afford a real – time Mistress, a couple of calls with me, and, are into erotic humiliation. If you fit all of these categories, read on! First of all, you will need to set aside time to call me and tell me all of your deepest, darkest, juiciest, dirtiest fantasies and fetishes. The more you tell me about you, the better your time will be. Then, you find a real – time Mistress, preferably one who is into, enjoys and understands your particular fetishes. Be sure to give her a list of any items or articles of clothing that you would like for her to have on hand for your session. For instance, if you are into lingerie, tell her. If you are into cock and ball torture, tell her which implements of pain and torture you would like for her to bring.

Once the two of you are nice and cozy in her dungeon (or wherever), and, she understands the nature of the session, that’s when the fun really begins. That’s when you pick up your  cell phone and give Mistress Courtney a call (set up an appointment if you want to be sure and get me at the right time) and put me on speaker phone. Then I can “spill the beans” to the Mistress so that she can help you spill your jizz! Can you imagine how mortified and humiliated you will be at every turn of this assignment? I can! What fun! Then you should definitely…

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