There’s more to humiliation than your small penis.

We are all pretty clear about Small Penis Humiliation, having cum on your face, being coerced into cock sucking, being required to wear women’s lingerie and other typical porn-style humiliation. But what about humiliation about what you look like, beyond your cock? Do you have the unusual humiliation turn-on by being made fun of for being fat? Skinny? Short? Really tall? Having pock marks from adolescent acne?

Have a big belly?

It might seem counter-intuitive for someone to get turned on for being reminded about their flabby stomach that rolls down onto their dick, but believe me, there are men who get terribly excited when I laugh at their over-huge stomachs, their man-boobs or their nearly invisible cocks because of their fat distribution.

Maybe you are height challenged?

And what if you are really short? How hilarious is it that you have to look up to women, even moderate-height women, because you are vertically challenged? Did girls laugh at you in high school, asking if you were 10 years younger than you really were? Did it turn you on they even paid any attention to you at all?

Were you a “pizza face”?

Your teen years with acne might have been the absolute worst ever, but some men and women find that time a major turn on as well. If you had an erection when you were first made fun of, and it happened again and again, then you were imprinted with humiliation equals sexual arousal.

What turns YOU on is what matters!

Some Mistresses might balk about making fun of you for these fundamental flaws, but I find turning you on trumps what people and our society thinks of these body issues. If you want someone to laugh hysterically at your skinny arms and pencil dick, I would love to! If you get off on me poking your fat belly and not hiding my humor at your discomfort, laughing even more at your growing dick, then I would love to help you!

To me, your’re perfect.

Caveat: For those that know me, body issues are not a thing for me at all. I have played and had sex with people from 80 pounds to over 400. I do not give one whit what someone looks like… wheelchair, zits, old… I do not care. It is what is in your eyes that counts… and if you are blind, then what is in your heart. So know that my laughing at your body is for YOUR benefit, not mine. I love you just the way you are!


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