Penis Humiliation for the Boring Cock

Your cock is boring. Having an average cock of 5-6 inches is commonplace without character. You have escaped small penis ridicule but you do not have the dignity that a dickless male has. He gets tons of attention by having the smallest number. Humiliation is his friend and he has embraced it. He is a natural because much of his life is seeking out alpha women who will laugh at his small cock upon view. He is probably a virgin so he is clean and innocent without any cooties. He carries an innocent demeanor and blushes when his cock is even addressed. More than likely he wears panties or he soon will because dominant women rule, and make his little pecker harder than a miss goody two shoes would.

With Your Dick “A” is NOT for “Alpha”

There really isn’t too much to write about with a big cock except when big dick discovers you have an average boring cock, from his girlfriend, the gym shower, or just by observance, you are ignored. Not laughed at, not bullied, not in the alpha male league either. You may just be an average guy. Should you gain fame in business or something, your cock size is wondered about but mostly women don’t care. Should the news get around (and it will), your cock will be exaggerated to be even smaller than it is, humiliating you and making you want to protest. What would you protest? You would look like an insecure little simp, and laughed at.

So, I’m sure you can tell by now that a big dick is what I and most women love. You will see me hanging on the arm of an alpha male walking past you and sneering because I know your dick size by your little to average hands and feet. Oh, and there is nothing more pathetic then lying about it. I can see the dildo tucked into your pants.


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