Exposing your humiliation is humiliating, and an interesting turn in the world of humiliation. Many humiliation calls deal with a one-on-one scenario where you are emasculated, humbled in an intimate setting.

But being exposed and humiliated to a larger audience is what we are talking about today. Exposing you, your true desires, and how much fun that will be!

CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male

expose humiliation

Expose your humiliation

You are exposed to a consenting person or persons. They are clothed, covered, comfortable. You are not. You are exposed, vulnerable. But why? Why are you in such a position? Mm..Perhaps as a party favor.

In session, a hot role play or fantasy detailing how you’ve come to be in front of this crowd. These eyes inspecting you, evaluating you. What are your tasks for the evening? Entertaining, of course. Serving drinks, yes. Doing as requested: Definitely.

Want to role-play that idea? We can do that using cam , myself and another or even two Mistresses from Enchantrix! I know any number of Enchantrix Mistresses would revel in a CFNM session, where we direct you on cam. I’m sure you’ll love being evening’s entertainment. Being a sexual party favor is always a delight.

What’s so fantastic about CFNM cam? For most, the above would strike paralyzing fear in them. Not a turn on , at all. The ladies, well , we can’t help but notice how you rise to the occasion. Just a few comments from the sexy ladies has your manhood perking up and paying attention. We have you right where we want you. Nothing you can hide, now.

Sissy Slut Humiliation Assignments

Are you up for humiliation assignments? How about Sissy slut assignments? Either way, there are plenty of ways to play! The adult book store is one. The salon is another. Quite common for males to wax, these days. But how humiliating is it? Your first time going to be waxed and you are so nervous and excited. You see: She’s so clinical, you are worried the trembling you feel inside will show. She’s instructing you to move your legs this way and that, the sting from the waxing doesn’t even come close to the pain of the humiliation, when she has you hold your penis out of her way. You feel it twitch and tremble. Your face burning, fighting that erection. You know, I’m here thinking of you in that Oh so humbling position. I’m here. Laughing, looking at the clock and awaiting your sissy humiliation report. Better yet: Call me while you are being waxed. That would make my day. It would make yours too, I’m sure of it.

There are so many ways to expose your humiliation. How are we going to expose your naughty little secrets? I’d love to share more of my thoughts on the subject.

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Humiliatrix Erika

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