CFNM Humiliation Basics

Naked is the key to CFNM humiliation unless a simple little sheer apron is available, adding to the humiliation nicely. To see the cock is necessary, and if that cock is little, all the better. These are the basics.

So you are a male slut and have a Mistress who loves to humiliate you. Sissies are some of the best sluts. They love to imagine being the center of attention in a situation such as this. They have a small cock sometimes humiliated with a pink chastity cage, and they like to swish around like a little slutty faggy pants exaggerating their hips. They are humiliatingly reminded that they are not real girls therefore inferior.

Learn to dance like a stripper giving the Femdom something to laugh at. Your ass is always ready for butt plug insertion if it isn’t already. If you have a big dick prepare yourself to flap it from side to side on your hips. Prepare to have it slapped and pulled. Prepare to get on your knees demurely crawling like a cat. A butt plug tail may be inserted in your ass at this point and your ass cheeks may be cropped or slapped.

At this point the many Mistress contingent may be in the throws of laughter and ordering you to make drinks. They will use a paddle to scoot you in the kitchen. Your eyes fall to their seductive outfits and shoes and you are punished and ridiculed like a CFNM object. You make the drinks and meekly serve them with eyes lower while Mistresses sneer and laugh.

This is your world and you hear, get to work slut, do your job. You are just an object. Here to entertain and amuse, to be the party favor at a Femdom CFNM party!


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