You love to hear me laughing at you, don’t you. On the phone, on Skype… even in text… my laughing at you makes your tiny dicklette hard. What kind of pervert are you? Just the kind I love. The kind with a truly hilariously small dick!

Your Small Dick is a Joke

Show me what you have. Spread those fucking legs of yours and let me gawk between your thighs. I want to see that pitiful piece of dangling flesh you deign to call a penis. HAHA! As if it is a dick? Well, you have probably tugged on it for a few decades, thinking it was a penis, but you have been mistaken. It is nothing more than an overgrown outtie belly button!
“Oh,” you argue, “I have orgasms! I shoot cum out of it!” and to this I laugh yet again because, seriously, you think THAT is cum? That is dribble! That teensy spittle you think is cum is really just something you wipe up with a cotton swab. Isn’t that funny as all get out? I sure think so! A real man has ropes of cum when he orgasms, shoots streams of cum over and over again. You have watched porn! You know exactly what I am talking about. What you have is what happens when you talk too fast and spit at the same time. HAHA!

So when you want a good laughing at, I would love to be the one to share my hilarity with you. I find you incredibly pitiful, so desperately sad, that I just cannot help but howl my laughter at you!


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