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This photo didn’t do much for him until I told him I remembered how sweaty I was between the tits!

Life is full of contradictions. Sometimes they’re a lot of fun!

Recently I’ve enjoyed several sessions with a playmate who, if you were to hear him talk you would be forgiven for assuming he was a wholesome country pastor. He has the most gentle, warm, friendly Southern lilt, and impeccable manners. Not the stodgy type of manners you might learn from a Victorian English nanny, but the easy courtesy that comes from being a genuinely nice person.

He also adores all things stink.

And even a little more of arguably the most delightfully perverse fetish to which the the kink world caters!

Ladies only, please!

I guess I should be more specific. It’s not all scents for which My gentleman scent sniffer lusts. Only those of women. He loves the scent of women’s sweat, women’s asses (and the malodorous and explosive vapors that might come from them from time to time), women’s pussies, their feet, both stocking-ed and bare, their arm pits, and any other scent a woman’s body might emit.

Any lady willing to favor him with her feminine miasma will do, but he has a soft spot in his heart and a stiff spot in his pants especially for older women with large bottoms and big tits who are hairy in all the right places. “Heer-stute”, he politely and quaintly calls it, his accent adding extra charm.

So, no waxing or shaving services needed if you want to be the gentleman fart-sniffer’s gal.

“Let that hair grow to Don King in a headlock proportions under those arms! Farm your pussy bush until it creeps up toward your belly button and out toward your thighs! Let there be trees in the valley of your ass cheeks!”

He didn’t say those words exactly, but he’d definitely agree with them!

Do you?

(It’s heaven and ambrosia for this scent play fetishist! He says that the hair traps the smell better.)

Enjoy a hamburger or two. No need to be rail thin! And while you’re at it, gracefully surrender the things of youth, because the gentleman stink fetishist likes his women best when they’re mature and saftig!

With all the pressure in society for women to scrape away and carefully hide any evidence that they even have body hair (not to mention body odor), and where older and fatter women are encouraged not to think of themselves as sexually appealing to anyone, isn’t it refreshing to hear about a man who craves all the things many men ignore?

Miss Rachel will indulge your scent fetish! 1-800-356-6169

What’s the purpose of this post?

Well, I do indulge scent play fantasies, as well as some other taboo wrinkles, though it’s hard to do that effectively over the phone. I’ve made clear in other blog posts that I can be at least a friendly confidante for those with this misunderstood kink, whether what a stink kinkster gets out of it is humiliation or arousal.

Scent play is pure arousal and sexual satisfaction for My gentleman stink sniffer and masturbator, and not so much about humiliation (though that’s kind of inherent). But he’s surprised that there aren’t more of you out there making yourselves known. He’d like to know he’s not alone, as the quest for stink can be a lonely road, what with the internalized shame that can go along with it.

He asked Me to write this post in order to expose him, which gives him a certain thrill, but also to encourage others to come out of the close, warm, stinky closet, so to speak. And he’s such a nice fellow with such entertaining tales of satisfying his urges that I just couldn’t say no!

So, are you out there, fellow sniffers? Inquiring minds want to know! Maybe only parts of his panoply of turn-ons do you share. That’s okay as well! The invitation is still open to find community, a confidante, and perhaps just a smidgen of humiliation in revealing yourself, whether in the comments or in session with Me!


Miss Rachel, indulging your kink for stink!


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