You will learn to LOVE IT!

You will learn to LOVE IT!

Hardcore or mean humiliation has many forms that I find enjoyable.

For example, degradation humiliation  is fun when you take away a person’s name.  Their name becomes filth, or dummy, or idiot.  Anything that denotes a stupid, less than human sort of person.   It’s so much fun to have this loser write  their new name on their stomach with a marker.  It really depends on my mood what it will say.   Sometimes, it’s “Loser”, or, “doormat”, sometimes, it’s, “I have a small, worthless penis.”

All of these things bring me an enormous amount of joy.

Many people wonder how someone can get off on this sort of thing.  It’s really a verbal equivalent of hardcore physical discipline.  Hardcore verbal abuse gives the submissive the ability to let go of the stress of day to day living when given by a Mistress.  Words like loser, pathetic, dumbass, etc. really mean I love you to the submissive that craves it.

Some hardcore humiliation techniques include being physically caged.

I have one submissive that crawls into a cage and sits there to cry while I laugh at him.   It’s a wonderful release since most men have a hard time releasing emotions like sadness or fear.   Being locked in a cage while I berate him till he either explodes with tears or semen is a great way to let go.

In lieu of not having the equipment, roleplay fantasies can take you there…

Not everyone has a dungeon or a cage to crawl into.   Everyone however has their imagination.   Roleplay is a great way to visit places you would never actually go physically.  Or, rather, help you until you Can go there physically.  Though, hardcore humiliation is much misunderstood, it is an artform and a beautiful thing.

I have created a safe place where we can explore hardcore humiliation together.

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