“The reason you’re now locked into permanent chastity is because you’re an embarrassment and a waste of testosterone, and what’s more, you know it! You need to be locked in chastity for your own good, I swear. If I hadn’t locked you up like this, you’d be out there trying to rut your pathetic little dick on anything that moves and whining for a squirt-y release in your own pants!” The woman’s voice was quite loud, and piercing, and the entire restaurant turned to see what all the fuss was about. She was beautiful, and looked down her nose at the squirming, blushing, beet-red man across the table from her. He looked like he took good care of himself, and if he stood up straight, he might even be tall and handsome, but right now, curled into a little steamed shrimp tail of humiliation, he looked like a loser.

Is this what permanent chastity does to a humiliation addict?

Permanent Chastity HumiliationCan you even imagine the intense humiliation of being locked in a chastity device, and then having that state of affairs called out, publicly, for everyone to laugh at? I can, and let me tell you, I’d love to have you cower and cringe as I describe in fulsome detail all your shortcomings, foibles, failings, and explicate every single one of your many faults. I bet you’d blush so red, and squirm, even while you try to get your little wank stick nice and hard, despite the unforgiving metal of the cage holding your prick nice and secure. Would you cry in embarrassment for me?

Some humiliation losers really love feeling out of control and wild, while others love feeling trapped and helpless.

For both sorts of humiliation sluts, the solution is the same: enforced chastity. If you love feeling out of control, wild with lust and shame and desire, imagine how terribly horny and desperate to please you’ll be after I take away your ability to even get hard, much less cum? You’ll be so eager to please, so willing to do anything just to have five minutes without the cage, that you’ll humiliate yourself for me in increasingly lurid ways. But, if you want to feel trapped, helpless, coerced into doing these embarrassing and pathetic tasks, with no other choice but to agree, then think of how you’d feel knowing that you have to behave like the eager slut I want you to be just to gain access to a single tiny key kept on a chain around my neck?

Don’t worry, it won’t be forever.

You won’t really be locked in chastity forever, I pinky swear. Cross my heart, hope to live a good long life, never to be fore-sworn, honest as apple pie. I wouldn’t really lock you into a chastity device forever. I’d never use a tiny little welding iron to fill the keyhole with solder, and thus condemn you to a life as a sadly neutered quasi-male. I wouldn’t even think of how to use a little heavy canvas to shield you from stray sparks and drips of the solder! I’d never lock you into chastity for the rest of your life, thereby dooming you to a pathetic and useless little flesh and metal lump between your legs. You trust me, right?

You’d never be such a pathetic waste of masculine attributes that you’d fall for something like that, would you.

Of course not, you’re smart! And wary! Canny, even. I’m sure you’d never be tricked into agreeing to put this device on, just to see how it looks for a minute, of course I won’t lock it, oops. I just really do have to admit, in my own heart of hearts, that the idea of locking you into permanent chastity is very appealing, for multiple reasons. Your blushing humiliation over it is just one of the myriad of reasons why I want to solder the chastity cage shut!

You should call me, so I can talk you through all the ramifications of lasting chastity, humiliation slut.

Better yet, arrange a Skype session with me. Make sure you’ve got your chastity device, and a nice tube of super glue ready…

Your Permanent Chastity Mistress, Harper

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