Sing a Song is Your Humiliation Assignment from Princess Andi.Do you like humiliation? What about Humiliation assignments? I recently had a humiliation addict driving in his convertible with the top down,  singing a song very loudly in public singing about all his flaws. It started out with, “I am a dirty little pervert…” I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t help myself. This session inspired me to come up with this Humiliation assignment…enjoy.

Humiliation Assignment

I want you to write a song about yourself and all of your flaws. It has to be 2 minutes long. You can repeat as much as you want and of course, I want you to get creative with it. Here is an example: Penis small? For such a small dick this can be a huge embarrassment in your life.  The ladies don’t want to play and all you get to do is stroke it? There is a lot you can sing about for such a little pindick! Now take that idea and come up with your own humiliating tiny penis song and then I want you to sing it loud and proud in a session with me!

What humiliating flaws are you going to sing about?

Do you cum fast, eeks! That is something you could include in your song. How embarrassing! Premature ejaculation is so humiliating to almost every man on the planet. What fun and embarrassing things could you sing for your humiliation assignment about being a minute man! I already have a few ideas

Cum eater? I bet you would love to sing a song with a mouth full of cum? But maybe that will be the reward for you making me laugh at you while singing your song about how much fun you have eating your cum. You can even sing about how yummy in the tummy it is! Oh, I cant wait to hear you sing about it!

Stroke alcoholic? Some may not find this humiliating but just imagine you doing this humiliation assignment and you  are singing about how you are addicted to jerking off to porn and your hand is your hot lover!  My laughter will have you feeling humiliated and turned on all at the same time!

Sissies get in on the humiliation assignment.

Now don’t think I forgot about you sissies! I know some of you love being humiliated and if you are a  sissie cocksucker that likes to prance around,  This is going to be great. Sissy girls love to sing about all the girlie things they enjoy now add how you wear girlie things and suck fat dicks, sing it loud sing it proud girls I can’t wait to hear it!

Share your songs with me in session and on Enchantrix Empire.

So, write the silly humiliating song that makes you blush when entertaining your Princess. Feel free to share the lyrics here in my comment section so everyone can read what you wrote about yourself. If you are on Enchantrix Empire I will have a page for you to post on as well. 

I am so looking forward to hearing what you sing about yourself. I want you to sing boldly and have fun no matter what you sound like. This is about humiliating yourself for MY Pleasure. Got it? 

Listen to my audio for a fun humiliating song I did for inspiration on your humiliation assignment
Thanks for playing along.
Your Phone sex Princess, Andi


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