Hello, Humiliation Junkie. I’ve got something new for you, Pervert!

Humiliation for the small penis pervert is a specialty of Ms. Simone.

Humiliating Chair Humper!

First, I blindfold you and walk you to your office. It’s the weekend and everyone is gone. I’m really happy about this, so I put a blindfold over your eyes and tell you I have a new surprise for you. You are very excited. I continue to tell you about this hot woman that I hired that was actually going to have sex with you.

She was a little expensive, but you’re worth it!

I walk you to the office telling you that you will finally get to screw a hot blond since I am certainly not going to be opening my legs for YOU. I mean, let’s face it, you are way too small to get inside of me. I’m just not really into small cocks. Plus, there’s your face. You are a bit too ugly for someone like myself. But, this young lady is a big fan of the tiny cocks and could care less if you are ugly. After all, I bought her.

You walk into your office to see your office chair all dolled up.

The tall office chair had a paper bag with a wig on the top, and yes, it was blond. The bag had a smiley face and large blue eyes which seemed almost comical. On the arm of the chair was a pocket pussy duct taped to the chair. I had my camera ready when I removed the blindfold from your face.

I mean, the humiliated look on your face was PRICELESS!

I could not decide whether it would be better to have you have sex with the pocket pussy and then take off the mask, OR, to take the picture of you when I showed you your new girlfriend. It really was a tough choice on my part. I had a really great time, watching you hump your chair that afternoon.

After all, I told you, if you didn’t hump your chair, I would tell all the ladies in the office that you had. Now, nobody would want that now would they? Next time, I will bring some girlfriends to watch you, my perverted little chair humper!!

Would you like to be my humiliated chair humper?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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