Wake Up With Me at the Humiliation BootcampDumb question, right? Of course you’ve wanted to wake up with me! Well, the next best thing to waking up beside me is to have a wake-up call with your favorite Mistress.

I know you wake up with a chubby every morning. Wasting it on a quick jerky jerk isn’t going to do you any good. You should put that morning wood to good use. We can’t have you rolling out of bed just like every other real man out there and whacking off in the shower like you’re some kind of stud.

The best way for you to get your mind right first thing in the morning is with a humiliation wake up call. Before you go dreaming of being a man who has a sliver of self-respect, allow me to remind you that your penis is hardly anything to brag about. In fact, if your cock was so awesome, you’d be waking up with a woman’s mouth on it.

Seeing as how you’re not waking up with a sexy wet mouth sliding up and down that boner, allow me to help you understand why women aren’t exactly lining up to suck it.

Men like you don’t get blowjobs. If things keep going as they are, and you continue to get turned on by extreme humiliation, the time will come when you won’t even be able to get it up for a woman who isn’t laughing at you. Even if the world did come to an end and some woman just HAD to suck that lump of disappointment, you’d be S.O.L. because your dick would stay soft.

That is, of course, unless she laughed at you. If she did laugh at you, your little peen would spring to attention, which would then make her wonder why on earth she ever considered treating you like a real man.

You’re never going to have a woman like me wake you up unless you schedule a sexy wake-up call. It’s the best use of your pathetic morning wood!


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