Dreaming of Extreme HumiliationMs. Audrey knows EXTREME Humiliation!

Do you need a beautiful Humiliatrix willing to dole out extreme humiliation like candy? Someone who will laugh at your pathetic neediness? Do you crave being slapped in the face with a strap-on dildo for being a loser? Perhaps you’re a pathetic cuckold, a sissy in search of being transformed into a Humiliation Slut, or someone who’s cock is so tiny that you aren’t really a man.

You Don’t Want a Woman Who Cares About Pleasing You

You want a hot girl who will hang up when you’re being pathetic because she’s not concerned with what you think. When I call you a loser and hang up on you or ignore you, my extreme humiliation makes you hard. Nothing makes your little dick more excited than to hear me laughing in your face!

Forget About Nice Girls

Sweet girls are for alpha males. Ha, that’s not you, with your tiny-dick and cock sucking fantasies! You NEED an extreme cock tease to remind you what a loser you are. A Humiliatrix who feels entitled to take control and won’t buckle to your pleading demands. Instead you’ll be leaving me virtual bouquets for the privilege of enjoying my extreme humiliation. You’ll beg to give me gifts — anything to get into my good graces so that I will own and control you.

Deep down you want a ruthless Humiliatrix who’s going to show you who’s in charge of your orgasm and do it in a decisive way that leaves no room for protest. If you’re ready to have your mind, body and wallet owned, then you’re ready for Extreme Humiliation.


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