Not my shoes.Princess Andi's humiliated sissy gets a punishment!

I am a generous Mistress when it comes to most things, but there are some boundaries that I will not budge on. My shoes. This is a boundary I have had and kept for as long as I can remember. I don’t let anyone wear my shoes. Even in college, I would share clothes, but you are on your own when it comes to shoes. I share all this because I have a sissy that just couldn’t except the fact that I was not going to let her wear any of my shoes. Not even sneakers. That’s how one little slut became an absolute humiliated sissy, and she couldn’t even say I didn’t warn her!

I would let her care for my shoes, polish and clean them. Even sniff them. But her feet are way bigger then mine and even after she claimed she understood my rules. I caught her with her clitty out and trying to stuff her big feet into my sexy leather heels. Man! Did she get scared.

The humiliated sissy gets a punishment.

I bent her over my knee and spanked her ass. Then took her out to Good Will. Dressed exactly as she was when I found her. In booty shorts and a crop top. She wanted to get cleaned up and I was not having it. This sissy needed to learn a lesson. So, she was mortified when I stopped the car at the Goodwill. I told her to follow me and we went in and looked at shoes. I found a pair of heels that were acceptable they were on the ugly side, but something that she could fit her big feet into. I told her to try them on and walk around the store in them. She begged for me to not do that here. But one stern look from me and she obediently sat down and put on the pair of heels.

They fit. So I told her to go buy them. She did.

Then we went to a private area where no one could see us and i had her pull out her clitty stick and jerk it off right into her new for her shoes. After she cam in them I made her put them back on and walk around the Goodwill again. She was so embarrassed. She couldn’t help but blush. I had her jerk into those shoes for 2 weeks straight and she had to wear them for all that time.

Guess who doesn’t try to wear my shoes any more?

Hee-hee you got it!

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