Sissies relish humiliation. The thought of being on a date with a real girl makes their little peckers go even littler, shrinking down to the sissy clit they are known for. Seriously sissy, what would you do if confronted with a girl that gets in your face and asks you out because you are cute and single, somewhat successful. Maybe she doesn’t know about sissy spotting and just takes you for a real guy. What happens after she finds out? All her friends will know and you will be outed and humiliated.

Of course you take the bait because you test yourself every day asking yourself…”am I a sissy”? Uhhhhh yeah!
You are in pink panties…yeah, you pee sitting down on the toilet…yeah! You scurry past Victoria’s Secret, blush and get hard looking at panties at the same time…YEAH! You shrink at the thought of sex with a girl…YEAH!You dream of sucking the cock of a masculine muscular man….oh yes, big time.

You can’t get it up for a real girl because she is your superior, the one you emulate. In some ways you are completely heterosexual because having sex with a girl is like being a lesbian. Make sense??? Many sissies have this twisted psychology. Only they can have the pussy, and since they can’t, limp dick city. You cannot and never will get it up for a real girl unless you imagine yourself as that girl. This is the only way you get hard, jerk off, and cum imagining you are the girl, loser!

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