CFNM Fantasy What am I wearing in yours?What are you wearing? is a tongue in cheek question I get asked a lot. What if I asked YOU what I’m wearing in your CFNM fantasy?

There are many possibilities, of course. Fantasy CFNM Mistress attire all depends on what is most humiliating to you. Maybe she’s dressed like a strict school Mistress in a long dress cinched at the waist, high collar, and glasses. Maybe she’s your boss wearing a black pencil skirt, white button up blouse, and shiny black patent high heels.

The main point is, your Mistress stays fully clothed, but you do not. You are naked and vulnerable. There is no way to hide your excitement. If Mistress wants to grab your cock or your ass, you’re at her mercy!

Too bad I’m not feeling very merciful. I mercilessly point out that not only is your cock hard, but it’s dripping on my floor! I slide one finger along the head of your cock and scoop up a perfect droplet of pre cum.

I rub it across your lips and pinch your nipples. I ask you why you can’t control yourself. I explain to you that if you’re this excited being naked with me, you’re really going to be in trouble when the rest of my guests arrive.

You’re seized with fear, but you know you have no choice. You will be required to be a very good host for all of my friends, answering the door naked, taking drink orders and serving wine, mingling around and making small talk.

All of my friends are dressed beautifully, and you simply give up any hopes of modesty. You are on display, and you may as well learn to enjoy CFNM humiliation!

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