There really is a fine line between embarrassment and humiliation. Where are you on the spectrum?


For some people, being embarrassed is the sexual kick they need to get off. Maybe it is someone making fun of your clothes or your hair (or lack of hair!). Maybe it is the thought of getting caught masturbating in the shower. Do you imagine that happening? Let’s dig a little deeper.

What about being caught watching gay porn or wearing your wife’s panties? Are these things you have thought about while you are jerking off?

These are embarrassing, but not necessarily humiliating. Humiliation takes on a different tone.


Oh, yes… those of you who crave humiliation in order to be sexually charged are an interesting lot for sure. When you are not only in your wife’s panties, she is calling you a sissy, a faggot, a homo… using epithets not usually uttered in a regular marriage. But the thought, even seeing me write it here, makes you hard, doesn’t it?

The classic humiliation is reserved for our tiny dick’d boys… er, men.


The name even includes the word “humiliation!” Small Penis Humiliation. Somewhere along the way, being made fun of… teased, maybe embarrassed a little, switch to full-blown humiliation and now you simply cannot get off without being made fun of mercilessly. And rightly so! I mean, c’mon, who wants a sliver of a cock like you have dangling between your legs anyway? You are destined to always jack off… uh, rub yourself… all alone forevermore.

See the difference between embarrassment and humiliation?

Are either of these your kinks?

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