What is general humiliation? It is nonspecific embracing many humiliation genres. It is interesting because you get slammed left and right with this and that. You may have a small cock humiliation fetish, but you are more dimensional with more to cover. You are most interesting to talk to with your list of things that excite you and make you feel degraded at the same time. Your loser-ness makes a Femdom genuinely laugh.

Humiliating Your Small Penis

For example, you like being told of your small cock and that you are a loser on top of it. You may have a stutter, overweight, a virgin, not too bright, a sissy fetish all rolled in one. Since this is much to play with, your Mistress will have a creative field day insulting you. Cuckold humiliation can be included unless it is full on cuckoldry. It can and will be brought up on a humiliation call.

Subtle General Humiliation

General humiliation can be subtle, appearing to be something other than a humiliation call. Being in a captivity situation is a humiliation call to me. Coerced cross-dressing and cock sucking of course. Nothing is more humiliating than sending a sissy to an adult bookstore dressed and ready. All BDSM calls for that matter. What makes it a true humiliation call? When a caller says “I want a humiliation call” as this is his kink which makes him happy above all. After that, he is an open book and so happy to share.


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