laughing at a small penisThis is part four of my 6-part Mindfuck Meditation series February blog hop. This is a special series of masturbation trance audios designed to enhance your submission to me.

I know once you experience this meditation, you’ll need to devour the whole series. I have all the details about how to listen to all of them on my blog: Guided Meditation February Mindfuck. I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy part four, so here it is:

Mindfuck Meditation, Part 4:

Being obedient to Mistress means submitting myself to her humiliation. Mistress Piper doesn’t humiliate to be cruel. Mistress Piper humiliates to keep me humble and teach me my place. My place is under my Mistress, and when my masculine ego tries to sabotage my submission, Mistress Piper will remind me who I am and why I must serve a superior woman like Mistress Piper.

My Mistress is superior because she has a vagina. Penises make men weak. Penises make men think about frivolous things. Penises are always out of control. Men have penises, and therefore they need to be guided by a woman who can help them stay focused on things that will fulfill them.

I want to be truly fulfilled. I want to be happy. I want to be joyful and free. I want to obey Mistress Piper.

My penis needs to be humiliated to give it the correct attitude. My penis needs to be laughed at so it does not control me. My penis isn’t special. My penis doesn’t decide what should be done. My penis will ruin my life if I let it. My penis is a stupid, drooling, idiot.

My Mistress Piper controls my penis, and my Mistress controls me. My Mistress wants the best for me. My Mistress humiliates my penis because she cares for me. I submit my penis and myself to Mistress Piper’s penis humiliation.


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