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As the year comes to a close and the weather turns cold in the northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time for your thoughts to turn to deepening your submission and devotion to your Mistress, especially if your cock is small.

Small dicks deserve to meditate on their inadequacy. You have very little sexual value to a woman, and so you must learn a better way to please your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife. If you haven’t allowed the reality of how disappointing you are to sink in and become part of you, this small penis meditation will help you do that.

A small penis humiliation trance mindfuck will remove any residual pride in what’s between your legs. Women should be worshipped appropriately, and unless you have the equipment to make them writhe in ecstasy, you need to keep your dinky away from the regal pussy of the superior woman.

Don’t spend the rest of your life useless on the sidelines. Make yourself useful for once in your life!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the audio. You can download the audio by clicking on the link to the small penis meditation audio link.
  2. Listen to the audio at least once daily for two weeks. You can play it while driving, while on the train, during lunch, or any other time when your mind will be open and receptive to the messages.
  3. After two weeks, write your own mantra. (A mantra is a short sentence that sums up a core belief you wish to permanently condition into your psyche.) Repeat this mantra morning noon and night for another two weeks.
  4. During your conditioning period, make sure you’re phoning and in regular contact with Mistress Piper for additional guidance. Good luck!

Here is the link to the small penis humiliation mindfuck trance meditation: Small Penis Mindfuck Audio


Small Penis Humiliation Trance Meditation with Ms. Piper

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