Eating Your Cum is Not a Choice

There will be no coached cum eating because you should be able to do this without me telling you to. If cum squirts out of your cock or a cock that you are sucking, you will automatically eat it.

We will start with your dick and why you need practice. Because what I will coach you in is getting your slut self out to suck cock for me, joint effort to suck and eat. Sometimes I will find a cock for you to suck. Do I trust you to not jerk off clandestinely. If you are well trained I do, sometimes you will slip one out here and there. I will humiliate you about it and then out you on my blog. Everyone will laugh especially the Mistresses. You will be humiliated about your lack of control and maybe even your small cock. Whatever I decide.

I call you sauerkraut dick because it’s a hotdog surrounded in sour substances. It’s an acquired taste of course. That’s how I first started training you. With food. The ickier the better, just to humiliate you. Then you started telling me about the cocks you sucked and the cum you ate. The ickier the better!

Now full on cum eating with no condiments. This is how I like you. Naked and humiliated on your knees scooping up cum with your fingers if your didn’t catch it all. Because you love humiliation, you are reading this post slicking up your dick and readying yourself for a hot cum eating session. Well I did not say now. The denial factor is going to work with you as well, so do it tomorrow first thing in the day and report back to me!


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