Greetings humiliation groupies, guest blogger Humiliatrix Erika stopping by for some summer fun! I’m here to discuss your humiliation assignments and what kind of fun we can have! Truth is I’ve been having a lot of fun with humiliation pets as of late and I’m hungry for more! Doesn’t matter what form your humiliation comes in: From fantasy play , soft and sensual , to hard core cam and going out shopping! Yes, that’s right. Even you “get your slutty-ass’d self to the adult bookstore whore’s” are welcome to play. I’m offering you a way to spend some of your summer with some HOT humiliation tasks.

Custom Humiliation Assignments

I love coming up with assignments for pets. Humiliation pets are no exception. Just like any other scene, we’ll negotiate during our chat. Then have a bit of erotic confession time. I’ll take an peek into that horny, slutty mind of yours. Ask some probing questions. Have some fun, teasing you with ideas of possible tasks! Why just the planning, and build up is a hot erotic time. I also get: sometimes that’s all a slutty humiliation junkie needs, right? (laughs)

Sensual Humiliation Assignments

What fun it is to have a list of tasks for you to complete for my pleasure. Buying, wearing panties. Sexual toys, or other naughty things. Manicure/ pedicure? Perhaps it is time to get a spray tan with heart shaped nipple tassels attached. We can find plenty of ways to make sure you are humiliated in public, slut and keeping it safe sane and legal! No offending the innocent! All you have to do is pull that trigger.

Oh wait, wanna know what’s really fun? Taking me with you! That’s right: Can you see it now? Me on the phone with you, or we can even sexy text, as you go about your task. Maybe we have a pre-planned trip/day. Or if you are up for it, I’ll keep you in the dark and “you’ll find out” as we go. Where are you going to take me? Let’s find out.

Stay At Home Humiliation Assignments

Like a bit more bite, and edge to your game but venturing outdoors isn’t in the cards!? Call and amuse me, tell me what a humiliation whore you are. I’ll give you free reign for a bit. Certainly unique ways to masturbate which are humiliating to most is what gets you the hottest and I wanna know what it is! Oh what about being a clean up boy? Jettison your cream all over a wall, or mirror and taking that perfectly good tongue of yours and putting it to good use!

How will you humiliate yourself for Mistress? What will make me laugh? Fucking a wall , telling Me you are taking a pillow and thrusting into it up against the wall as you grunt and cry out your new GF’s name. Oh that’s right. Humper boy, we are naming that pillow today!

I’ll keep dreaming of ways to humiliate, and you take down this number *points below* and call!

Until we chat ??

Humiliatrix Erika
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