Sissy Humiliation

A sissy has a major fetish of crossing gender barriers, so there is a taboo involved, which means it’s an open playground for humiliation. Most often little sissy has a little dickie and he/she has learned it is to her advantage to be humiliated about it. She embraces small penis humiliation because she has accepted, and gains power from being in the club. It is a very healthy way to accept her fate and being a beta male. Not a real man, just a pretty little sissy, which gives her a fetish identity. Being rejected by hot women, laughed at in the locker room showers has set the stage for full blown sissy humiliation.

Submissive Sissy

Submissive sissies are always on my watch-list to train in a variety of ways. Playing with roles, dressing and re-dressing, brought out in public whether it is a fetish party, or out shopping to buy lingerie. It will all start with shopping, and if she has only shopped online, she will be in for a shock! My quest is to have fun with this humiliation. I guarantee the first sissy shopping trip for lingerie, dresses, and shoes will definitely wake up the beast. It’s only the beginning.

Small Penis Humiliation

After that comes the fun. She has to wear her finds. During dress up, Mistress discovers the tiny little incher between her legs and the small penis humiliation is in full force. “Is that it? No wonder you are a sissy. I will wrap a little pink bow around it. No woman would have anything to do with this clitty, we don’t even need a gaff! How pathetic!”

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