CFNM: Clothed Female Naked Male

Hello there. Are you excited to be reading a post about CFNM Humiliation with Princess Andi? Hee hee, of course, you are! Before you go any further, what are you wearing as you read this? Mmm? The answer to my question should be, absolutely nothing, Princess Andi!  That’s right, to read this post, I want you completely naked. As you should be for your Princess! I don’t want you to have one stitch of clothing on your body as you read what I wrote. I want you N.A.K.E.D. I want you to take off EVERYTHING!

Get Naked for Me

Ah, well… I do like to keep you in your natural state. You deserve to be naked while I am fully clothed. As far as I am concerned this is the best way to go about our day. You on your knees. Naked.  Me fully clothed. Superior to you in every fashion.

Dick Confessions

I like seeing how excited you get as you kneel in front of me. I love seeing your dick tell your dirty little secrets!  Hee hee, I bet you didn’t know that your dick tells on you all the time. Not only does your dick confess to me, but I also pay attention and listen! I know exactly what you need.

A Little Tease and Denial

Now, get ready for me to humiliate you even more. I am going to have some of my Mistress friends come over and take turns slowly stroking your dick as we tease you, you have just to stand there and do your best not to cum.

I said we were here to tease you and humiliate you; I never said anything about giving you an orgasm. That is something you will need to beg for. How good are you at begging? I wanna know before I take this any further. I want to make sure I am not wasting my time with you. I want you to beg. And, beg hard.


Can you dig it?


Princess Andi


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