A lot of men get really nervous around a dominant woman. And they’re right to be a little worried, a touch anxious, a little bit uncomfortable because all their usual tactics to get a woman to like them fall flat with a strong, independent, and powerful woman. Men who try to use Pick Up Artist games on a femdom are in for a good solid mocking, and even more respectful men who really do just want to make a strong woman happy find difficulties in relating. Old relationship patterns just won’t do, and that’s why you need to follow my personal three step plan to please a dominant woman.

Step one for how to please a dominant woman:

how to please a Dominant Woman Grovel. Lower yourself. Leave the ego at the door, and do not make yourself the center of any interaction. Men tend to relate everything back to themselves, to always have an anecdote that showcases their skills or abilities, in an attempt to show off how ‘high value’ they are. The thing is, to a dominant woman, there are no high value men. All men start at a base level of ‘beneath notice’ and can drop in regard, but to rise above that baseline level? Nigh impossible. All the tricks that a PUA employs will backfire hilariously with a powerful and independent woman because attempts to ‘neg’ or play mind games with her are obvious and pathetic attempts to bolster an already lacking standing. Thus the only viable tactic left is to drop to your pathetic knees, acknowledge your lack of worth, and grovel like a bitch.

Ready for the next step? It’s a little more advanced:

Beg. That’s right. After you’ve lowered your ego, accepted your place as beneath the dominant woman you’re trying to impress, and understood in full that you’ll never really measure up, it’s time for you to beg. A lot of men find the idea of begging a woman very hard to swallow. They’ve grown up thinking that they get to be ‘alpha’ males, that women should listen to them, be subservient, and hang onto their every word. The satirical world that Ken sets up in the Barbie movie is what so many emotionally immature men think the world is like or should be like. It’s a satire and an immature view of the world, but it does hold a grain of truth in that an awful lot of men really do act like the Kens did in their play patriarchy. The thing is, dear alpha male wanna be GI Joe, you need to accept that you can’t even rise to the level of a fashion doll. Embrace your place in the world, and understand that some women don’t need you to be complete. If you want to be in her life, you need to understand that you are an accessory to her. Not the other way around. So, after you grovel, you beg to show the true depth of your submission to a dominant woman.

Last step! Are you ready?

Be grateful for what she gives you. Look, you’re there to enhance her life, to serve her, to provide added value. If you don’t add value, you don’t get to be there. Anything she gives you is, therefore a gift. Be grateful. If she notices you, acknowledges your begging and groveling, allows you to serve her out of the kindness of her heart, you need to understand that she’s going out of her way to provide you with anything, much less any form of sexual domination or pleasure. Be glad, appreciative, and grateful! Because she doesn’t have to do anything at all with your sad loser ass. Remember that she is perfectly happy and content without you and that you had to work hard to get any attention at all from her. You need to continue to provide her with added value because you have no value in yourself as is. Add that value to her life, and let her know how very glad you are to be in her life in any way. Express your gratitude to her through words and actions. Tell her you’re thankful, and then serve her with your actions. What can you do to make her life better? Do that.

Not all men are cut out to please a dominant woman.

You can learn to be less of a toxic masculinity exuding man and catch the attention of a high-value, independent, powerfully dominant woman. You just need to learn to check your ego and to bring something other than beard hairs in the bathroom sink and a tendency to miss the laundry basket with your nasty socks to her life. Bring value, bring humility, and bring your gratefulness because I guarantee that you need her a lot more than she needs you. You fuck up and try to tell her to make you a sandwich and you’ll be back to a cold bed and loveless existence while she will upgrade in a flat second. She’ll go to the salon, get her hair and nails done, hit the club, and have a brand new humble, grateful, useful man before you can fully process the speed of her rebound. So get your mind right if you want to please a dominant woman. Good luck with that; you have a lifetime of subconscious programming to undo.


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