Cum Eating Humiliation

Let’s end phone humiliation month with a bang, and cum eating humiliation! 1-800-601-6975

I’m no noob when it comes to phone humiliation or cum eating humiliation. Humiliation phone sex is an exhilarating part of my phone Femdom forte, and if you’ve been following my blog posts you already know I’m a riot on a degradation phone sex call. It’s because I love what I do, and I take extreme pleasure laughing at you. Just ask my cum eating slut melon fucker.

Cum Eating Humiliation

So what is cum eating humiliation? It’s when someone is unwillingly encouraged to eat their load, coerced to gargle their ball juice, and it is something THEY find humiliating and embarrassing to do. Now mind you, many hard core cum eaters will tell you they love eating their own cum, and don’t find it so much humiliating as it is entertaining to the dominant. But me? Oh honey, I love making you eat your load, if I allow you to cum at all, whether you like it or not! So today on humiliation boot camp you’re gonna learn my style of cum eating training, and what it means to be my bitch.

Cum Eating Humiliation and Sploshing

My regular cum eaters also know I’m heavy into physical humiliation, and physical fetishes such as food play and sploshing phone sex. My loony toon ass wouldn’t have a whole site dedicated to such if I didn’t enjoy making grown men sit on a cake and snort twinkies. Many times I have said, that if you’re a fraidy cat and hesitant to eat cum, but you’re interested in the kink, you can start by 1. tasting your precum 2. cumming into food and eating the food afterward. Now I know I’m not physically there to ram it down your throat – if I was it would be a scene out of a Sardax illustration where I just milk you and feed it to you through a tube – that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself with my guidance.

Cum Eating Humiliation Types

I find that there’s two types of cum eating callers. The first are the ones that are all talk, they like the fantasy of being coerced to eat cum, yet they lack the tenacity to follow through with it. Those are the guys who once they cum, have no interest in actually eating their load, it just sounds good. Yes I am mocking you lame fuckers. You guys are fucking wimps, and you’re missing out on the best part of cum eating, and the most humiliating and rewarding part: Entertaining me! This particular type is all ego driven. It sounds good, it gives them a boner, and they can get into it just long enough to squirt. BORING! The second type though? Those are my favorite!

The All or Nothing Cum Eating Humiliatee

Then there’s the cum eaters who have gotten over themselves and the hurdle of eating their own jizz. They are by far the best of the best entertainment wise. They eat it, roll around in it, rub their faces in it, lick it off of whatever surface is instructed. They understand that cum eating is not for little pussy bitches that just wanna whine about how they wish they could or would or should. You can’t pay for anything in excuses except time wasted, and cum wasted. You want the true glory of eating your own load? Too much of a scared little whiny bitch to do it yourself? Ask the pro-cum eaters what you’re missing… so they can mock you, too.

Do You Think This is Humiliating?

Of course it’s humiliating! Maybe you’ve forgotten, or you haven’t read my mean mistress blogs, or my humiliation blogs where I talk about how much I love degrading you. This is a goddamned humiliation phone sex blog, that trains slut whore subs to do just that, humiliate themselves. And the title is HUMILIATION BOOT CAMP…. DUH! Did you think I was gonna go easy on your pansies? Hell no! I live for this! So here’s the training part, and this is for the wimpy whiny annoying losers: You eat your cum for me, you get to join the ranks of thousands of other professional losers who love being humiliated. You bitch out and fail, you get ignored, possibly hung up on. Because why should I waste my time on someone who’s a windbag and can’t back it up? Worst of all, you are a failure who’s word is worth less than a fart in the wind. Tragic!

Practice Makes Perfect

So that’s your assignment motherfucker. Practice eating your cum like a man (hahaha that’s funny!) and then when you’re ready for live cum eating humiliation and coaching, you call me! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Humiliatrix Brighton. I look forward to laughing at you while you cry.


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