Some of you have called for your erotic humiliation by phone session, others, lurk and haven’t. Regardless if you have had humiliation sessions, or not. Your task is to take my questions answer them for yourself , and then bring them to your session! If You are unsure of the answer that is OK too! We’ll work through it together. This way we are better prepared to have a humiliating good time! It also doesn’t hurt to get those juices flowing, now does it.

Erotic Phone Humiliation

Your Erotic Phone Humiliation.
Can you prepare properly?

What Humiliates You

Humiliation is a tool I use to elicit a certain chemical release in your brain and body. But what gets those hormones flowing? Everyone is different and if I use SPH on someone who is cock confident that response won’t happen. I kinda laughed at myself here, “cock confident” Who am I kidding? It was just an example, I’m fully aware the majority of you have doubts about your cock. If not the size then perhaps performance, hum? does it bend a little? Perhaps afraid I’ll giggle at your less than straight dick? Many men at one time or another have insecurities about their little buddy.

I digress. There is a fine art to having an erotic humiliation by phone session. Not enough, or not the right type of erotic humiliation , that response won’t happen and neither of us will have any fun! Here is a list of some very common subjects for humiliation. You can tick off one or more and add them to your humiliation session.

  • SPH- Small penis humiliation
  • Cuckolding Humiliation
  • Sissy or Feminization Humiliation
  • Public Humiliation
  • Loser Humiliation

Along with what type of humiliation seems to stir the beast, we now move along to humiliation style.

What Is Your Erotic Humiliation Style

Style is also important. Strict or sensual? Sympathetic or mean? Some respond wonderfully with a sharp tone with a mocking twist. Others feel pathetic with a sympathetic tone. Listen to the audio with this blog for more examples. If you don’t know your style, or better said not sure how to communicate it to me here’s a hint. Tell me about the first time your cock responded to humiliation. Where were you? What happened? What happened right after? That’s where we will begin. I can pick up a lot from your tone,and the words you use to describe the scene to me. Some think I’m a mind reader. I’m not. I’m just a good listener.

Degradation Humiliation – Where Do You Stand

Or kneel, whichever the case maybe HA!
Some are not comfortable with doling out degradation humiliation as a Mistress. I know some humiliation sluts can take a lot of humiliation yet not like degradation. What’s the difference you say? Humiliation is humbling you, hurting your pride, emasculation. Degradation is harsh verbal and physical humiliation. Many “losers” want to be broken, totally. Mind Body and Soul. Imagine a quivering lump of flesh sobbing at the feet of a woman, making you less than anyone else. A kin to the dirt on the bottom of my shoe.

I will engage with degradation with you, after a nice introduction and some discussion. Taking my time I need to access you, see if this is something I am comfortable doing with you. Thereto is that I must plan for more aftercare in these scenes. I fully appreciate the power of humiliation and degradation and need to feel you are whole again before we part.

Your Erotic Phone Humiliation Experiences

I want to know what experience you have had with humiliation. Do you know why humiliation is exciting to you? Have you had humiliation sessions in the past? Tell me about your experience. What was great and not so great. This teaches me about you and where I can lead you. But regardless of where you’ve been you can count on me to push those boundaries, as humiliation isn’t a static, it evolves as you do. Increasing your tolerance for increasing levels of humiliation. That is one of the most intriguing and exciting things about humiliation!

Are you ready for your erotic humiliation session? Bring your answers and let’s have some humiliating good fun! In the meantime check out my humiliation posts over at my blog!

Until we chat ?

Humiliatrix Erika


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