It’s time for some “humilliation” with a Princess, girlie boi! It’s Saturday at 1:00pm, prime time for sissy spotting. Get your gaff ready because you are gonna have teenie weenie woodies throughout the day.

Sissy Mule

Because you are an overly eager little sissy bitch, I decided what goes first on your worthless little peanut is a chastity cage instead of the gaff. The thought of being humiliated with your Princess walking ahead is just too much for you to endure. You will be a pack mule carrying all of her bags and boxes. I will see all kinds of cute sissy clothes that I will order you to try on and wear. I will see shoes with heels high and mighty that will go on your sissy feet. Your shopping endurance will be tested today, so get ready!

A Sissy Humiliation Shopping Adventure with Princess Britany.

Sissy Humiliation: Shopping with Princess Britany

As we enter the Beverly Hills Mall, my meanie girlfriends are there to greet us. You did not expect this. Now you are walking behind three of us in our sexy real girl clothes while you walk behind wearing an obvious sissy dress in pink. Your little pink kitten heels click against the marble floor. We stop first at the sanctuary called “Victoria’s Secret”.

That was at least a block’s walk, and you noticed all of the lookers snickering and laughing because you are so obviously a sissy. Then you enter VS for the obvious panty shopping. You get plenty of attention here from all the girls who know and the ones who think you are a freak. You are in the dressing room trying corsets, nighties, and bras. You listen to the giggles and laughter because they know. You are a humiliated sissy with a chastity cage. The sound of laughter echoes the store.


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