Tiny Cock Sissy

Just being a sissy alone is already humiliating. I’m simply here to remind you of all the challenges. A big one is having a little tiny cock, but I have known sissies who are above average although very atypical. I’m simply here to humiliate you in a subtle way about your unmanliness and your inept abilities to emulate a real woman. You need a Mistress to dress you and lecture you on the way to walk and talk. I will roll my eyes and sigh “You are such a loser in the ways of the female. How will I ever succeed in getting rid of all the remnants of inferior maleness”! The biggest humiliation would be me rejecting you in training. So I have pity and take you on with a warning: do as I say or I will break you down!

Sissy Bitch

Listen to me girlie boy, I am your superior Femdom. I have been at it for a long time. The art of makeup, the art of being seductive. If you want to learn, pay attention well. Forget the bimbo barbie slut act, it’s a mess, it is fake. Don’t attach me to your learning unless you perfect it. Yes I am sweet, yes I am refined but I will not think anything of putting a strap to your pantied and powdered ass.

Cock Sucking Sissy

Stand up tall. If you slump it will make your dress sag. It will show your loser demeanor and discredit me. You are my protege, and my sissy in training. Try as you will, I will always surpass you in everything. Yes. You will learn to suck cock because you agreed to. No turning back now and your cock is useless to any female or male. Making use for your mouth is the only option, and the anal plug will condition you to other things. So then, because I come off sweet and gentle,don’t let that fool you. Sissies are my projects and I expect absolute perfection!  

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