Goddess Rachel, Humiliatrix and Female Led Relationship Mentor! 1-800-356-6169From time to time I will have the wife of a submissive male call Me to ask for advice. Sometimes the submissive hubby will ask on her behalf. I’ve found that one of the the hardest hubby-held kinks for a wife to facilitate is when he is turned on by humiliation. Why? Because although she may strive to be GGG (per Dan Savage’s advice to be a good, giving, and game partner), and is usually even a bit turned on by her husband’s submissive desires, she loves him. And the type of verbal and physical humiliation that really sends him over the moon is hard for her to provide without misgivings.

Wifey, if you’re reading this, I have a suggestion for you that might make it all seem okay, or at least more manageable: think of your husband as a pet!

We love our pets, but they have rules and restrictions!

Some pets aren’t allowed on furniture or counters. Some who have problems with making noise for no reason get muzzled. Others need to be swatted away or put in their kennel when they hump your leg and whine. Some need to be reminded that they have their own bed, and aren’t allowed to sleep in yours. And still others need physical restraint, like a collar and leash, to control their behavior. Some need to be neutered to address behavioral issues and keep them from being helpless against their instincts.

But none of that means they aren’t loved! Pets are some of the most important beings in O/ur families, aren’t they?

In fact, humiliated husbands, like pets, need boundaries. They look to you to provide them. And doing so gives them a sense of stability, security, and purpose!

They do like treats and cuddles, but unless these are earned, they lose all meaning, and they can come to feel entitled to them!

Listen in below to hear more about how similar some humiliation kinks and methods are to the training of a pet to help you further become comfortable with the idea!

And certainly, by all means, feel free to get in touch for a session if you need to discuss things further!


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