Unmotivated in Devotion

I’ve been thinking lately that you’ve been slacking off in your devotion to your Mistress. Sure, I’ve heard all the assurances from men like yourself that they will behave themselves and be submissive. But too many of you want to secretly “top from the bottom” or are just not motivated to stay in your well-defined submissive role.

Submissiveness: Obey Your Mistress

So here’s what we’re going to do. I want you nude all week long unless I give you verbal or written permission to go outside.  Now, I’m not asking for much here and besides, I know a lot of you guys like being nude in the home anyway. So you really have no excuse to say “No.” I want it well understood that my expectations and rules are to be followed.

If the words “Yes, Mistress” has any meaning behind it, it must start with your cooperation and buy-in that the I am in charge.  You are to do as you are told, and do nothing without my expressed permission. In fact, when I give you a command, your knees should buckle from the weight my demands carry.

So, I want to hear from you while you’re naked and don’t forget to bring the toy bag so we can see how much fun we can have together.


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