You are Princess Andi’s Ho!

I am in the mood for you to entertain me. In order for you to entertain me– that means you are going to be humiliated for my pleasure. So, I bought you some prezzies that might make you blush. Leather Assless Chaps, A Santa Hat that has a bell attached, and across the white trim of the hat it says in big, silver glitter the word Ho! And a nice thick dildo about 7 inches.

Go ahead and put the assless chaps on and the hat. Nothing else. No– you can’t leave your socks on. I want to see you strut your stuff for me. Go ahead and show me how you look in those leather assless chaps. Your ass and other goodies are all exposed for Me to see. You look good in that Santa hat. Are you going to be my ho?

Come sit on my lap. I want to feel you wiggle and squirm as I pinch your nipples. Tell me. Who’s ho are you? MMM? I can’t hear you? I will spank that ass for not speaking clearly. Now, what were you saying? Hee hee, that’s right– you are Princess Andi’s ho! I like how you say it. Say it again!

Bend over and spread your cheeks

Stand up and bend over. I want to inspect you. Show me your ass. Spread your cheeks. Very good. I am enjoying this. I will come around as you stay in this position and feed you this new dildo I bought you. I want you to suck it and get it nice and wet. Keep your legs spread and don’t move. I will set the pace and fuck your mouth with this dildo. Nice and easy at first. Then fast and hard. I do like to hear you gag like the ho that you are.

Spanking and Fucking your ass are delightful!

Very nicely done. I am delighted, after some spanking– I do love to see if I can get your ass as red as your Santa hat. I will take this new dildo and fuck your ass. I do love stretching your hole and making you my very own personal ho. Just like your hat says. I love hearing the bell on your hat jingle and jangle as I pound you.

Now, who’s ho are you? You don’t even hesitate to tell me that you belong to Princess Andi.

What a good ho you are!

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