Tell Mistress Piper your dierty secret!

You Belong To ME!

Everyone thinks you’re such a swell guy, don’t they? Good at your job, good family, nice car, nice house. They’d never guess your dirty secret, would they?

Oh, you know the one. You find yourself caught up in your daily life; making money, making other people happy, making a name for yourself, and then it falls on you. WHOMP! You remember what you did last night when nobody else was around.

You thought confessing your humiliating secret to me would make things better, and you did feel relief for a little while. You knew that I’d heard it all by now, and you knew you wouldn’t shock me.

The only problem? Well, I have a tendency to get under your skin and make you crave me. You won’t be calling me just once.

And now that I know your dirty secret, you can damn well bet I’m going to use it to my advantage. You just gave me the keys to possessing you, and I’m not going to leave anything behind for you to keep. You belong to me now. Get ready to serve.

My goal is to keep you naked and needy all the time. You won’t be able to hide anything, and will be confessing things you never planned to confess, things you’ve never told anyone before.

Don’t worry. Confession won’t be an entirely painful process. You’ll enjoy unburdening yourself, even if it means the more you tell me, the more power I wield. Erotic confession is good for the soul!


Tell Ms. Piper your humiliating dirty secret!

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