Humiliation- Mistress Audrey's way!
If you’d like to understand how to enjoy humiliation, I am well versed this amorphous fetish. Many first-time callers tell me they want me to humiliate them but have no idea what a vast and almost meaningless word ‘humiliation’ is. It’s like hopping in an Uber and saying I want to go there and expecting your driver to know where there is.


What I love about humiliation is that takes so many delicious forms. The first thing you need to do before you pick up the phone is to consider what you’d like to experience. I’m great at my job, but not a mind reader. Do you want to confess, or do you want me to probe your secrets until you have to confess? If it’s the thrill of being coerced to confess, you must tell me upfront the general nature of your secrets, and then I can take you on a wonderful ride. I’m often told by callers that they’ve never admitted, at least out loud, the things that they end up confessing to me. My erotically charged voice and soft knowing laugh are the very things that will lead you down the road of my kind of intense humiliation, otherwise known as erotic humiliation. And when I softly laugh and guess your secret, the shame sends a shudder through your body. You love having a hot cock tease who’s way out of your league humiliate you more than you want to admit!


Plenty of pretty panty-waist pansy boys ring to tell me about their swish-y submissive humiliation slut ways (more on that in my post Bitch Girl Moment) and beg me to pretty please humiliate the faggot sissy in them until they faint from happiness. Other submissive humiliation sluts want a more specialized form of Mean Mistress that requires demeaning and degrading. Cum eating, coerced bi fantasies and Small Penis Humiliation all fall under the term ‘humiliation’, so make sure you are clear when you start your call what you are looking for.

How To Reach Humiliatrix Audrey

If you’d like to experience the pleasure of hearing Audrey’s erotic voice, she’s available most days and evenings for calls and text sessions. Remember, you can always check and see if she’s taking calls on or check Audrey’s Schedule for her basic hours.




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