Is That The Right Size Condom For Your Pindick?

No magnum condom for your itty bitty pindick!

You’ll have to ask the clerk about pindick sized condoms…

Magnum?  Really?  You think that tiny little pindick will fit in a Magnum sized condom?  That’s like putting a golf pencil in a gallon sized Ziploc bag!  I think you need some help shopping for condoms my little dicked loser.  I am going to have you eating cum out of a condom soon, and if it’s not the right size, it’s likely to slip right off and then it’s not going to catch all that cum. And I wouldn’t want you missing out on one single drop of that creamy goodness!

You Need A Pindick Sized Condom

I’m doing this all for you.  Yes, I want to make sure we have the right size so that you’ll get all that cum.  However, having the right size will increase your pleasure and sensation.  Sometimes, I do like to put 4 or 5 on you so I can tease you for hours and you won’t feel anything, but it’s also fun to tease you and turn you into a slutty, gooning mess. 

Put Those Away

I’m sorry, am I being too loud?  Everyone can hear me discussing how small your little pindick is, can’t they?  Well, good, those women over there shouldn’t run the risk if taking you home and being surprised like I was! Oh, and  I like how they don’t call it small on the package…they call it “snugger”.  Well, it would be snugger if you had a normal sized cock, but I’m sure what we really need for you is the micro-penis size. Or does that simply say “mini”?  Either way, you need to just grab that box.  And now there’s only one last thing to do.  Head on up to the counter and pay for it!  I don’t think the cute Princess of a clerk will laugh too much!

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