Enjoy this small penis humiliation role play from Mistress Alexis.When you decided to visit my office for some sex therapy sessions, you really had no idea what to expect. You figured you would sit down next to your girlfriend on a ridiculously expensive couch and have some super awkward conversations about how lacking your sex-life really is. A part of you was prepared for the humiliation, but it was supposed to be worth it in the end.

Sex therapy can hurt before it helps.

Well, you were right, to a point. You got all squirmy as she started to speak. I could see you wringing your hands as your face became flush with every word that fell from her lips. It only got worse when it was your turn. You could barely get a sentence out without reaching back to nervously touch your neck. A part of you wondered if I was somehow aware of your small penis problem.

My smile helped. My words began to soothe as I reassured you both that I was there to help make things better. It brought me great pleasure to see you relax. And when I stood up in my tight skirt and heels, you started to wonder what the phrase office-appropriate meant anymore.

Hands-on can turn humiliating fast.

I took my place between you both on the couch and took each of my hands in your own, reminding you that things would get better if you learned to relax and respect each others’ needs. That’s when it was time for a bit of demonstration. I kissed you, then kissed her, then instructed you to practice on each other. Things began to heat up.

My hand reached over to cup her breast and surprisingly she let out a soft moan. If you didn’t have a boner before, it was certainly there now. You watched, slack-jawed, as she touched me back and suddenly the couch was becoming a little crowded. At first, it was exciting to see your girlfriend interacting this way with another woman, but then you started to wonder when your turn would be coming.

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