Mistress Nadia:  Humiliation Nation’s Humiliatrix ExtraordinaireMistress Nadia's Humiliation Nation

Mistress Nadia is a Fem Dom Mistress with a penchant for humiliation.  Her blog, Humiliation Nation, is full of posts, polls, audios and assignments for all you humiliation junkies.  It is your place for erotic humiliation, degradation, insults, and verbal abuse.  Ms. Nadia’s humiliation repertoire is quite expansive, covering topics such as bukkake, foot and boot worship, puppy play, servitude and spanking.  The list is long so, for all the topics, check out her blog and become a member of Humiliation Nation!

When you crave humiliation…

Nothing is quite as perfect as a Mistress who specializes in your deepest degradation and humiliation. In the Humiliation Nation, you can find your place at the feet of a deeply intelligent and demanding Mistress who has no qualms about putting you where you belong. Kneel, and admit all your shortcomings and failings to Mistress Nadia! You’ll feel better about yourself when you finally give in and submit.

Nothing but the best will do!

All of the Mistresses of the Humiliation Bootcamp can bring their own unique vibe to your humiliation session, but if you’ve ever really wanted to expand your experience try a Two Mistress Session. Pair up your favorite humiliation Mistress with any other Humiliatrix and the sparks will really fly! Get ready to have your mind blown and all your failings put on blast with the Humiliation Nation domineering women. We’ll degrade and humiliate you while you weep tears of true gratitude. No matter what your personal reason to enjoy erotic humiliation, you’ll find a Mistress that can more than meet your needs with us.

From Sissy Humiliation to Fag Training, let Mistress Nadia and friends drive you to horny tears and humiliated ecstasy today!

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Check out Ms. Nadia’s Blog:  www.humiliationnation.com