Ideas and Assignments for Erotic Humiliation

Here are some fun ideas and assignments to try if you’re into erotic humiliation!  None of them are what I would call “obvious” public humiliation, because involving others in your kink without their knowledge is not consensual, and we’re all about safe, sane, and consensual!

There are so many ways to humiliate you…

Do Your Chores Humiliation Sissy!

For a sissy, this can go either way.  Some of them enjoy dressing up, so this isn’t going to be very humiliating for them.  Other sissies though, enjoy dressing up during a session, or on webcam, so this might take them out of their comfort zone.  You have chores to do around the house, so while you do them I want you dressed up in panties and bra, skirt, blouse and heels!  They don’t have to be sky high, fuck-me pumps, but shoes that are definitely feminine!  Want that real June Cleaver look? Throw on a set of pearls!  Be a sissy housewife!

Panty Care

If you’re a panty boi, you already know that you have to take care of your delicates!  Here’s a way to add a bit of humiliation to that, especially if you’ve shared your panty fetish with your partner.  Take on all the duties of panty care – for both of you!  Once you’ve finished washing them, lay them out for her inspection.  Who knows, if you don’t do a good job maybe she’ll take you over her knee and punish you!

Visual Humiliation

While in a session with Me or your favorite Mistress, ask about sharing your webcam or photos of your sissy clitty, slut hole, pindick, or cock in a chastity cage. Most of us love to watch you on webcam and are open to receiving pics via email during a session and would be only to happy to offer comments on what you show us. Just imagine getting my honest opinion on your little sissy stick or caged cock…

Practicing Your Cocksucking

Here’s the humiliating aspect to this one – name that dildo something masculine – like Marcus, Brock, Darius, etc. – then name your pindick something feminine.  Tell your dildo how big and strong it is while you’re practicing and compare it to your own tiny dick!

Ideas for Erotic Humiliation by Ms. Christine

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